This app may be the best alternative to Google Keep

There are tools that can offer more options within a simple notepad.

To-do calendar and notepad apps have been wrecked in the marketplace with Google Keep’s dominance. However, in order to publicize alternatives, it is good to point out other similar apps that can fulfill the same task.

That is why we mentioned PentaNote, an application available on Android that has the same functions as Google Keep, but that may surprise you with its great performance.

PentaNote is a tool with notepad functions but also helps to better manage annotations, emails, reminders, shopping lists, checklists or to-do lists.

PentaNote benefit

The application available on Android has several notable differences with the tool developed in Google, one of which is the security aspect. « PentaNote can make your notes more secure with the data encryption / decryption feature by using encryption algorithms (Advanced Encryption Standard – AES 256), » the app description reads.

You also have a checklist that can be very useful with your to-dos. The list will be saved automatically when you press the Back button. You can then check and uncheck what has been done (tap an item to cross out). Editing, deleting or changing backgrounds (color notebook) is also supported.


Allow adding sticky note widget on home screen, making it easy to check or remember
Sticky notes for notes, emails or reminders in text option
Sticky notes for shopping list, to-do list, or checklist in checklist option
Support various background colors (twelve color categories) would make notes more colorful (color notepad)
Backup and sync notes to Google Cloud Storage: Login with Google account is required to upload your notes to the server.