This aerial tower project is made up of ’99 floating islands’, and it looks that spectacular | Life

This aerial tower may be the most spectacular thing you can visit on our planet if it materializes.

The architecture never ceases to amaze us, and although we have already told you about skyscrapers capable of dominating the sky with their slender figure, the truth is that we had never been able to imagine that there was a project in the form of an aerial tower with “99 floating islands”. and you could see it exactly in Shenzhen, in China.

Specifically, the idea comes from Sou Fujimoto Architects, a team that has shown different designs of what appears to be a huge floating tower in the bay of the Qianhaiwan district in Shenzhen, after a competition was held to design an emblematic tower in the region .

This proposed tower, which does not exist and which seems very difficult to implement, It would be 268 meters high and it would be made up of 99 individual pieces in the form of towers joined by a strong horizontal plane., and gradually fade as they descend, giving the feeling that everything is floating in the air.

As they comment, this tower “symbolizes the future of societies in an era of diversity.” It is designed so that it can be made mainly of steel, but also of carbon fiber and concrete and with a peripherally located steel system with tension cables that maintain the balance of the cores.

Obviously this tower could not stand otherwise it also has a centralized core that is held together by external tension cables that resemble water and that flow into the bay. The strange shape you see is a kind of inverted frozen geyser that would house an upper observation deck, an exhibition area, a restaurant, and a cafe.

The idea is that the upper deck is used for exhibitions, in a place where you can see beautiful views of the city and the bay from 268 meters above sea level.

The construction is undoubtedly spectacular, but it seems quite unlikely that it could be carried out in the short term, so it would be necessary to see if this type of project materializes over the years.

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