A new type of building is becoming more and more common in large cities: the vertical park. And here we have one of the most spectacular.

A wide empty space within cities is no longer necessary to build parks that oxygenate the environment, reduce pollution, and offer peace of mind. The green buildings, also known as vertical parks, are a solution. Urban forest, to be built in Brisbane (Australia), is one of the most spectacular we have seen.

With its 30 stories high and 55,000 square meters of space, Urban Forest it has space for 382 apartments. It’s a conventional block of flats, except for one thing: it is also home to more than 1,000 trees and more than 20,000 plants of 259 different species. It has five times as many trees as the nearby Musgrave Park.

It is a design by the Japanese architecture studio Koichi Takada Architects, a specialist in this type of construction. It has been conceived as a vertical forest where the columns that support it simulate being huge tree trunks.

Urban Forest has its own 1,642 square meter public park on the first floor, and a private two-story garden for residents, in the attic.

It is a sustainable building that uses solar panels and stores rainwater, which he then uses to irrigate vegetation.

As the architectural firm explained during its presentation: “vertical plantings in skyscrapers are part of a new movement that allows architects to offer the benefits of vegetation, biodiversity, oxygen and mental health to urban life in big cities “.

This Urban forest It has already been approved by investors, and has been commissioned to the Australian construction company Aria Property Group. They are awaiting permits from the Brisbane City Council to begin construction.

A new architectural trend that we hope will become more common in other cities and countries. [Fuente: New Atlas]