If you would like to buy a broom vacuum cleaner with good performance and an economical price, the HKoenig UPX18 FullPower is on sale for only 99.99 euros.

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The broom or upright vacuum cleaner is gaining popularity in recent times. And it is no wonder: compared to conventional sled models, they are lighter and more manageable, and as they do not have cables they offer greater freedom of movement.

The problem is that, in many cases, the cheaper alternatives are underpowered. If you are looking for a cheap broom vacuum cleaner with good performance, This HKoenig UPX18 FullPower is the answer to your needs: it has a power of 220 W and it is on sale at PcComponentes for only 99.90 euros.

This is a good opportunity to get this upright vacuum cleaner at a cheaper price. For example, in Amazon Spain you can find it for 130 euros, so thanks to this offer you save 30 euros. Although it is not as strong a discount as those you can find on Black Friday, any sale is always welcome.

2-in-1 broom vacuum cleaner with a power of 220 W and three speeds. It is cordless, light and handy, and offers a autonomy of 40 minutes of cleaning with a single charge.

The HKoenig UPX18 FullPower is a 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner with which you can clean freely. And not just the floors: its removable aluminum tube allows you to choose between the function of a broom vacuum cleaner or a handheld vacuum cleaner.

In addition, it includes a series of accessories to easily reach places that are difficult to access, such as under furniture and cupboards, shelves, corners or the most remote areas of the sofa and other furniture.

As we said, good performance is one of its distinguishing characteristics. It has a power of 220 W, higher than those of other models in this price range, and it has three levels of suction speed so that you can choose the most convenient one according to your needs.

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Equip a 25.9V lithium battery that provides an autonomy of about 40 minutes of uninterrupted cleaning. Once the power has been used up, the battery is fully recharged in four hours.

If you are a PcComponentes Premium customer, shipping is completely free, and the package will arrive at your home very quickly, within two to three working days for shipments to the Peninsula.

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