Third payment of Pytyvõ 2.0: when is the Congress voted and why it has not been approved

The second phase of the Pytyvo 2.0 program continues in Paraguay with the objective of helping more than 760,000 workers with the distribution of 500,000 guaraníes. In this second stage, people in the country’s border area are being subsidized, since it is one of the areas most affected by the economic crisis of the coronavirus.

The Ministry of Finance has presented a bill to carry out a third payment from the Pytyvo 2.0 program, but for that to happen it has to be approved by the National Congress. “For us to have a third payment, it will depend on the approval of the bill that we have sent to the National Congress, which already has half a sanction, but we still depend on that authorization,” said Carmen Marín, Vice Minister of Economy,

The economic portfolio does not have the resources to face another possible payment, so it was presented a new package of measures of 125 million dollars for the third and a possible fourth payment of the program. The vice minister commented that if that fund is approved, it will no longer be necessary to register.

To date, have disbursed $ 293 million in two phases, as reported by the Undersecretary of State. In the first phase, 1,250,000 workers were helped; in the second, more than 760,000 workers. The Ministry of Finance believes that the third phase will require $ 349 million.