Third-party cover business for PS5 goes for a second try

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The attempt by a group of fans to step forward in the apparent scene of custom covers for PlayStation 5 crashed directly against Sony’s legal representatives, who made it clear that the external parts of the console are also protected by property laws intellectual. Just when it was thought that this had been a debut and farewell, those responsible for this business will seek to make their project a reality but now through a financing platform.

According to a Video Games Chronicle report, the business that went from being called PlateStation to CustomizeMyPlates in a matter of days, will again be looking to release the alternative covers for PlayStation 5 that they have designed and that were even put on pre-sale before Sony stopped the release. operation. In that sense, the information refers to the vote and hint made by CustomizeMyPlates to their fans regarding whether they would support a financing model through Gofundme to obtain their covers for the new console. In this regard, the same officials pointed out that this option could be proposed to Sony to authorize the distribution of this product, which suggests that there is some legal way to make it happen.

This is the PlateStation covers for PS5

On the other hand, the site’s report referred to an anonymous source who works for a very important peripheral company, who pointed out that the financing option could serve to deal with Sony’s legal actions. In addition, said source mentioned that, in the medium and long term, Sony will not be able to stop the manufacture and distribution of personalized covers by third parties, as happens with other types of technological products.

So while confirmation that this will be the path taken by CustomizeMyPlates is yet to be confirmed, it appears that there is a possibility that third parties will design, manufacture and distribute PlayStation 5 decks, especially as there is a perceived sector of gamers interested in customizing their console.

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