Third in contention? Anuel AA leaves Karol G for Natti Natasha

Third in contention?  Anuel AA leaves Karol G for Natti Natasha (AP)

Third in contention? Anuel AA leaves Karol G for Natti Natasha | AP

Everything seems to indicate that the relationship between Anuel AA Y Karol G has come to an end, news that had circulated for a couple of months, however, now everything indicates that indeed they have finished and there is also a third in discord, Natti Natasha.

The names of Anuel AA, Natti Natasha and Karol G have not stopped ringing in recent days, because amid strong rumors of separation Among the couple, the reggaeton has been linked with the Dominican after releasing a song together, in the company of Myke Towers.

And it is that although Anuel and Natti only collaborated on one song and it was also for the first time, several followers on social networks related them instantly due to their interactions on these platforms and as expected, they did not take it well at all.

Now, after so much controversy and rumors, the Dominican singer came out to admit that she was with Karol’s boyfriend.

In the last few days Natti has received all kinds of insults for her together with the baby and in one of them, she decided not to remain silent and go out to defend herself by exposing her own.

An Instagram user commented in one of the promotional posts for “Diosa remix”, the issue was indeed.

After the video this bitch went with Anuel to her house ”, and Natti, in a blunt way, answered“ after no, it was before ”followed by an emoji with a kiss.

Although her words could only have been to annoy the person who offended her, she did not show that she did so with irony, much less clarified later that it was a lie.

Most likely, the singers have met the music video before, however, just to talk about it, since the interpreter of “Qué mal te fue” is only focused on her career and, in addition, it is said that she maintains a relationship with his manager, Raphy Piña.

And the truth is that the couple, since Karol G left the house where she lived with her boyfriend, has been the center of all eyes.

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While on the side of Karol, The news that prevails are her daring photographs and the latest achievements that the Colombian has scored, in addition the artist born in Medellín is nominated for the award for the favorite Latin female artist, along with Rosalía and Becky G.

These awards will be held on November 22 and the winners will be known all the nominations in this 2020.

It is worth mentioning that between the Karol G and Anuel, It has been rumored that they have separated, since the singer traveled to Colombia to visit her family, however, on social networks there is no reference to their relationship.

And it is that the attitude of Anuel AA and Karol G in social networks has led people to assure that the couple is over.

The main indicator, as mentioned above, could be that the singer, who spent confinement in Miami with Anuel AA, went to Colombia to visit her family without the Puerto Rican.

Also, from Karol G’s trip, we can see that neither she nor Anuel AA they have made many allusions that to their romance, something that was very constant during the quarantine.

In fact, in the last publication of the Colombian about the rapper it was more than two months ago, when they celebrated two years of relationship.

Who would say that 2 years of learning, growing, living, enjoying together would come… At home we advise each other, in the street we support each other ”, said Karol, who referred to Anuel as his favorite person.

While the rapper, the last time he published something about his girlfriend was in the middle of last August, after the delivery of the Premios Juventud.

Lately he has been absent from Twitter and on Instagram we have seen him promote his collaborations, however, he has not shared anything personal.

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