Third anniversary, and…?

Andrés Manuel and Morena celebrated a date, the three years of the 2018 election, an anniversary that will remain on the books, but what could they celebrate on the third anniversary of the most erratic presidency in memory? The self-celebration, disguised as a report, did not report anything, it was another soulless morning as boring and repetitive as all of them, where once again the Lie prevailed, thus with capital letters, deception, concealment and aggression as the only way to divert attention of the most erratic governance that we have had in many six-year terms.

And it is that, sadly, the President has wanted to write his history before making history; I cannot imagine Miguel Hidalgo, Benito Juárez or Francisco Madero saying or writing: “I am making history”; they did their job without qualifying or labeling it, their successes and failures were recorded by historians, nothing more.

Three years have passed and Mexicans and the whole world recognize that Andrés Manuel does not know how to govern, that is not his thing, that his ignorance, his hidden grudges, his rejection of logic, science and the law prevent him from being a good ruler ; He is not going to change despite the fact that reality appears to him every morning and reveals his mistakes.

And to erase the bad news, he resorts, like the children, to his excuse: “I didn’t go, it was Teté,” he turns to the past and blames the officials of other administrations for his mistakes, “they were responsible for the corruption, they were responsible for the violence, they were responsible for today’s failures, they, them, them ”.

When reviewing what he said in his “report” we realize that, since he knows that he has told more than 50 thousand lies, he does not mind saying many more, because that way he hides the reality that we are living, and not only that, but that he invented another distraction: “Who is who in the lies”, which is more of the same: deception, lies, denunciations, attacks, stigmatization of critical voices and violations of freedom of expression.

It is not worth repeating your failures in these three years, the reality is there, failure in the economy, in growth and development, in health, in reducing poverty, in caring for the environment, in well-being of Mexicans, in all this, along with the protection of criminals and drug traffickers, the militarization of the country, and their contempt for international relations.

But what is worth thinking about is what will happen in the next three years, because the disaster it made in the first half of the administration cannot continue, Mexico is becoming a failed state, a poor and miserable narco-state.

On June 6, he revealed Morena’s shortcomings, his mistakes, his internal struggles, his corruption, his bad blood and his association with criminals, so it is urgent to reflect on what will happen in the next three years.

Unfortunately, we realize that what is called opposition is not such, and that without realizing the responsibility they have in this second part of the administration, neither the political parties nor many possible leaders succeed in constituting a coherent and proactive front against the national disaster.

Coalitions do not coalition because of the envies and shortcomings of their members, who only see their interests and not those of the nation; Few leaders propose something real, something possible, and that situation is taken advantage of by Morena. We ordinary citizens must demand that politicians from all parties unite their efforts in favor of a harmonious Mexico, because, if not, in these remaining three years the country will lose even more.

Rebuilding what was destroyed in those three unfortunate years will not be easy, but we must all participate, raise our voices against injustice, corruption, lies, be true citizens, participate every day in search of a better Mexico.

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