Everything seems to indicate that in a few hours we will see the appearance of the new Apple Watch Series 6 in the Apple store. We do not know if the reservation or purchase period will start immediately Or it will be scheduled from next Friday, but for all of us who want to renew our watch, an interesting question arises, how much money can I receive for the previous one?

Up to 145 euros for an Apple Watch Series 4

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With the launch of the new Apple Watch next, many of us want to sell our current watch to get the new one. In this situation we have several options. Naturally we can make a direct sale with a family member or friend, but going a little further we have to go to services such as Wallapop. But what if we want a simpler system?

Sometimes being on the lookout for offers, talking to potential buyers and so on can be more than we are willing to sell our watch. When we want a faster sale our best option is Apple’s Trade In program. Through this program we can “sell” our old Apple Watch to Apple and we will receive the money almost immediately. Prices are as follows:

Apple Watch Series 4: Up to € 145 Apple Watch Series 3: Up to € 115 Apple Watch Series 2: Up to € 70 Apple Watch Series 1: Up to € 25

If we take into account that we can keep the leash, whose minimum value, new, is 49 euros, it must be said that it is a quite attractive price. It is true that in a direct sale we can obtain something more, but if these prices convince us, they will undoubtedly offer us much more comfort than other alternatives.

EyeDrive, this is the system that Apple uses to collect data from Apple Maps and improve autonomous driving

Recall that, although several sources indicate that the arrival of the Apple Watch Series 6 will occur today around three in the afternoon, we do not have official confirmation. In any case, if the future Series 6 enters our plans, we can begin to consider selling our current watch.

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