think about including the champion of Russia and Turkey annually

The European Super League is debated between 11 or 15 founding teams, although it seems that there will be a sine qua non condition accepted by all participating clubs. The champions of Turkey and Russia will have a reserved place – not fixed for a single team – in each of the editions that are scheduled to take place from 2023.

Including those two countries in the equation represents a potential audience of 225 million viewers and the Super League is not going to miss that opportunity to expand into two markets that were habitually ignored by UEFA. Both the Ottomans and the Slavs attract lots of patrons, although several of them have left to support basketball.

The founders of the Super League are clear that the annual champion in both domestic competitions must participate, becoming increasingly clear a map that could be with 20 teams in the following way. The 15 founders made up of Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atlético, Chelsea, United, City, Liverpool, Arsenal, Tottenham, Paris Saint Germain, Milan, Inter, Juventus, Bayern and Borussia. They would be joined by the Turkish and Russian champions for their strategic value, just as it would be weighed –for historical value– the almost certain incursion of Ajax, Porto, plus a third team to be determined.

The Super league It will have a playoff between its participants and the first six classified would go on to enter a fixed 350 million euros each. An incomparable figure with what each team that plays the game can pocket. Champions wave Europa League. Without going any further, the last champion of the maximum continental competition pocketed 85 kilos.

UEFA, seeing that it is impossible to match those amounts, has already moved token opening the door to clubs to play the Champions League, although sportingly they have not achieved it in their domestic competition. These types of messages are aimed at dividing some clubs that could reduce the list of founders to 11 at risk of Atlético, one of the two Milan teams, one or two English teams and even Borussia. We will see what happens in the future, but two countries that will be represented will be Turkey and Russia.