Thieves attack French tycoon Bernard Tapie and his wife during a violent robbery at their home

The French Tycoon Bernard Tapie, former minister and former president of the Olympique de Marseille football team, and his wife, Dominique, are under observation – and she is hospitalized – after being victims of a violent robbery at his home, as confirmed by sources close to the case to the BFMTV network.

Tapie and his wife were sleeping at their home in Combs-la-Ville (in the department of Seine and Marne), when at least four thieves broke into the home, assaulted the couple and proceeded to tie them up. The robbers hit Tapie on the head before leaving with various valuables, jewelry included.

The mayor of Combs-la-Ville, Guy Geoffroy, has confirmed that the couple are doing reasonably well, as far as possible. “They are in a state of shock, but I see them strong”, has declared the mayor, who has underlined “the extreme violence” of the incident.

“It was quite a considerable emotional and physical blow. They pulled her hair and beat her up. She has the marks, hence the income, but she’s fine,” he said.

The Melun Prosecutor’s Office announced to BFMTV the opening of an investigation for robbery with violence against the four, according to the testimony of the couple, responsible for the robbery.

Tapie, a charismatic soccer figure from the 90s, has been involved in legal matters for years after suing the Credit Lyonnais bank after selling his majority stake in the sports firm Adidas.

He has also been acquitted of fraud and misappropriation of state fundsAlthough the case is pending appeal and has been postponed for medical reasons, given the cancer suffered by the 78-year-old Tapie.