Stop everything, we unearthed the clip of the week, and it’s Candela by Thibault Garcia! The clip of his first single is finally available on Youtube and is already arousing the reactions of Internet users!

Star of reality show, youtubeur, contractor, influencer, Thibault Garcia is broadening his horizons and is now embarking on music. The May 22, 2020, he unveiled his first title entitled “Candela” recorded with DJ Assad. A title reggaeton training who had done the buzz on the canvas and made unanimity among the stars of the Marseillais like Julien Tanti, Océane El Himer or Carla Moreau. On the other hand, other candidates like Jazz had taken advantage of this exit to tackle the candidate. And this time, the Marseillais released his Official clip of which he revealed a extract preview on Instagram :

Candela’s clip makes the buzz on the web

This Sunday July 26, 2020, day off on the set of Marseillais vs the Rest of the world 5 in which Thibault participates, he launched his Official clip. And obviously this video quickly did react internet users. Indeed, the clip counts more than 530,755 views sure Youtube only after 22 hours online. And the internet users were totally conquered by this clip ultra colorful, pop, which invites to escape. We let you discover it below in its entirety:

“Beautiful clip at the height of the song”

A clip whose success is more than the appointment judging comments of his community of fans sure Instagram :

The count was long haha ​​but finally the clip frankly square bravo

Heavy bravo

I just saw the clip, well done to you and I really hope you reiterate, because it’s the bomb

You’re the best ! Frankly you have succeeded where others have failed and well done! Hat!

Too good the clip. A little bomb

Beautiful clip at the height of the song

Only small downside, some fans have been disappointed not to see his wife Jessica Thivenin appear in the clip. Indeed, according to them, it is inseparable of the image of singer since it has provided him with unfailing support for several years and always pushes him to achieve his projects most crazy.

And you, what do you think of the clip Candela by Thibault Garcia?

This sequence of Angels 7 that annoys Thibault Garcia

Exit the season 5 Angels ! NRJ12 rebroadcast the 7th edition of his famous reality TV show the Monday 25 May 2020. A season rich in emotions which included candidates like Shanna, Thibault, Anaïs or Eddy… The opportunity for Thibault Garcia and Jessica Thivenin to react to this memory a little delicate given that it is in this editing that the interpreter of “Candela” was married to Shana kress.

By learning the replay of this season where her husband is getting married in front of the cameras, Jessica Thivenin could not help but to tease him. She let go on Snapchat :

So honey, are we getting married on TV with someone other than me?

“It’s his old life”

And obviously, Thibault Garcia is not really happy to learn that this sequence was going to be rebroadcast:

They don’t respect me. Of all the shows I did, they could have put on one where I don’t get married.

Amused, his wife then explains to her community that they are disgusted:

This year, I don’t know why, it’s because of the confinement surely, W9 released all the old episodes. So you know my past, Julien, Nikola… We understand! Thibault, it’s on NRJ 12 now. It’s her marriage, it’s her old life. So the confinement, it made us stir our whole past, we didn’t ask anyone of us.

A small annoyance that does not prevent the couple to spin the perfect love and even provide a little brother or a little sister for Maylone…