Thiago Santos responds to Aleksandar Rakić’s “it was an easy win”

Thiago Santos | Image: Stephen R. Sylvanie-USA TODAY Sports

Aleksandar Rakić (14-2) He is on a two-win streak and hopes his next fight will be for the UFC Light Heavyweight World Championship. And last visit to the octagon defeated Thiago Santos by unanimous decision (21–9), who is in the worst moment of his sports career due to his three-game losing streak. Recently, speaking of this combat, “Rocket” said he got an easy victory against “Marreta” to explain why he should be the new title challenger.

Thiago Santos responds to Aleksandar Rakić

At these words, the Brazilian fighter answered this way On twitter:

«Hey, it was easy because I didn’t kick your ass! I understand that when that doesn’t happen it is a victory for my opponents! “

Hey, what’s your lack of respect for? What do you mean easy fight? All the specialized media gave me the hit count. All you did was grab me and stay put! You have little memory!«.

And seeing this answer the Austrian fighter also wanted to speak:

«I really respect you, Thiago, But when was the last time you knocked someone out while walking backwards in fear for your life so you could get out with both knees unharmed?«.

«I don’t want to disrespect you, Thiago, But do you trust the Brazilian statistics? Chael Sonnen, can you believe this guy? Are you doing fight statistics in Brazil? Wow…”.