Thiago Alcántara feels optimistic with the Spanish team before the 2021 European Championship

06/11/2021 at 1:34 PM CEST

Thiago Alcántara, Spanish international, appeared at a telematic press conference in which he showed his feelings at the gates of Euro 2021. The midfielder joined to Luis Enrique’s speech and see the lathe with optimsimor: “With experience you see everything with more perspective. As a group we have united the hunger to win and the experience with the youth. I think it is a very nice combination. We must always think that we are the best, offensively and defensively and be faithful to our daily work. “

Thiago faces this challenge of the European Championship “with the same desire as the day I debuted” and, despite being optimistic, he also asked for caution: “It is not just about thinking about the final objective, you have to think in the short term and step by step.” On a personal level he said he felt “very well, the transition was difficult after winning the Champions League (Bayern) and entering the dynamics of a new club (Liverpool). I suffered the Covid, a knee injury, but I was working and getting to know my colleagues until I finished in the best possible way. I am 100% happy for this competition. “


Regarding the vaccination of the players, Thiago commented that “it is a sensitive issue and we have to talk about the ball. We have had the privilege and luck of being chosen, it is great news and three days after the first game it should not have negative effects “.

Thiago said he was used to working in an atypical way by the protocols of the Covid-19 since “we have been with this uncertainty for a year and a half “, but see the team prepared to compete at the highest level.

The ‘red’ footballer also referred to his partner and friend Sergio Busquets, isolated for testing positive and stressed that “he is a player with experience and it is always good to have their point of view in the moments of most pressure. On the field, he brings a lot of offense and defense and we await his return with open arms. “

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