They’re going to take it as a provocation … ‘The mud’ trailer

In time to accompany ‘El club del unemployment’ in theaters starting this Friday, Vrtice Cine has presented the official trailer of ‘Mud‘, a character thriller that takes place in an anonymous population in eastern Spain.

Ral Arvalo, Paz Vega, Joaqun Climent, Roberto lamo, Susi Snchez and the young Daniela Casas lead the cast of this second feature film as director of the Valencian filmmaker Iaki Snchez Arrieta, who debuted in 2019 with ‘Zer’ after having made a total of eight short films, and having worked as an assistant director on films by Beln Macas, Benito Zambrano, Jos Luis Garca Snchez, Sigfrid Monlen, Vicente Villanueva or Miguel ngel Vivas.

In the film, a severe drought hits the vast expanses of rice fields in the Levant. Ricardo, a prestigious biologist, after traveling around the world, has the opportunity to return to his roots to fulfill a mission, to protect the natural area where he lived as a child. The measures he must take, however, will radically confront the locals, who see their way of life and subsistence attacked, a confrontation that will have unexpected consequences.

Mud‘is a Sunrise Pictures production, El Lodo la pelcula AIE and Vrtice Cine, with the participation of Punt Media, Film Factory Entertainment and Elipsis Capital and the aid of the Institut Valenci de Cultura.

The film will arrive in Spanish cinemas on October 29 by Vrtice Cine, after passing on October 15 by a Mostra de Valencia – Cine del Mediterrneo that will be in charge of opening, being at the same time the only Spanish representative of the official section.

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