With Brie Larson’s return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) new characters are yet to come, so ‘Captain Marvel 2’ would introduce the Galactic X-Men – the Starjammers.

The characters will be used to explain what Carol Danvers has been doing since leaving Earth.At the end of ‘Captain Marvel’, the titular superhero left the planet to help Talos and the Skrulls find a new home.

His exile ended with ‘Avengers: Endgame’, when he arrived on Earth to reply to a message sent by Nick Fury in the post-credits scene of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’.

A director for the film has yet to be found, and the details of the story have not been announced, though it will most likely incorporate various MCU characters including Nick Fury, Ms. Marvel, and Monica Rambeau.

One possibility is that ‘Captain Marvel 2’ uses the Starjammers, a team that exists mainly in the X-Men comics, since they have an important connection with Carol Danvers in Marvel Comics.

The Starjammers, like the Guardians of the Galaxy of the X-Men, are a group of space pirates who have shared numerous adventures with the mutants.

Source: Marvel Comics

Various heroes, including Havok and Rachel Summers, have been members at some point, but the main group consists of Corsair, Raza, Ch’od, and Hepzibah.

Corsair, is Christopher Summers, the lost father of Cyclops, decades ago he was abducted from Earth by an alien race called Shi’ar and taken to space, where he was forced into slavery, he escaped by making allies.

Over the years, Corsair and his team have fought alongside Silver Surfer, Hulk, the Avengers, and even Carol Danvers, during a time when he had no powers, traveled with the team, and then returned to Earth to become in a full-time member of the Avengers.

Source: Marvel Comics

Since the origin of the team is intertwined with the Shi’ar Empire, the MCU team’s debut could establish the introduction of one of the three alien races most important in Marvel Comics and thus ‘Captain Marvel 2’ would introduce the Galactic X-Men.

The other two, the Skrulls and the Kree, already exist in the MCU. The Shi’ar Empire could take the MCU to all kinds of different stories in phase 5 and beyond.

Also, the Starjammers could begin the process of bringing the X-Men to the MCU, the release date for ‘Captain Marvel 2’ will be July 8, 2022.