they would reveal their new design this week

It is expected that this week the Bank of Mexico (Banxico) will put into circulation the new highest denomination bill in the country, the one thousand pesos. It is expected to have a design that alludes to the Mexican Revolution.

Once the new bill is put into circulation, the old one, which has the image of Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla, will begin to be withdrawn from circulation. So you still have time to keep some to collect.

Images of the new banknotes. Photo: Banxico

The new thousand-peso bill is expected to commemorate the Mexican Revolution, which began on November 20, 1910. Similarly, one of the expectations is that it incorporate more security elements.

As will be

According to Banxico, the color of the new thousand-peso bill could be gray, alluding to the Mexican Revolution, in addition to including the images of the heroes of the homeland Francisco I. Madero, Hermila Galindo and Carmen Serdán.

On the back you will have images allusive to the ecosystem of humid forests, the jaguar, the ceiba and the sapote, the Ancient Mayan City and protected tropical forests of Calakmul, in Campeche, all natural and cultural world heritage.

This new revelation would join the one made a few days ago of the 100-peso bill, which incorporated new security measures and the image of the Mexican poet Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz.

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