They would refuse to go to the Gold Cup after friendly Mexico Vs. South Korea, .

The current Tricolor tour of Austria could leave very deep scars, as some of the footballers are not at all comfortable with the handling that was given to the issue of positive cases of coronavirus in South Korea, their rival on Friday in Vienna.

A few days ago, several national teams were quite upset and dissatisfied at having to play the friendly match against South Korea, after some Asian elements tested positive for COVID-19 hours before the match.

In addition to what could represent a contagion for them -professionally-, what really disturbed them was the possibility of exposing their respective families, so within the group they started a movement in which they asked that, for reasons of security, the meeting was canceled.

Hours before moving to the stadium in Vienna, they met with Gerardo Martino -national coach- and had communication with directors of the Mexican Soccer Federation, to whom they expressed their desire not to participate in the match. The answer they found was negative.

It was then that what no one expected came. The players, angry at the decision to keep the game and at the possibility of being infected, threatened not to attend the Gold Cup next year. It should be remembered that this tournament is very important for the National Team and the Concacaf, an organization that usually forces Mexico to play it with its best footballers.

In fact, that is one of the main reasons why people no longer participate in the Copa América, since Concacaf forced the Tricolor to attend that event with a B team. The situation was not resolved, far from it, but It is a reality that there is already something broken, because the footballers believe that economics was re-weighted, and this time not only above sports, but also the health of the players and their families. Will they carry out their threat of not going to the Gold Cup?

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