The Mexican Baseball League (LMB), the maximum professional baseball circuit played in spring-summer, tries to start on August 7 with a schedule of only 48 games plus the Postseason or Playoffs with the highest number of sets seeking the crown from 3 October until reaching the final serial (the pompously called ‘King’s Series’) between November 2 and 10.

But, although in some way feasible, the challenge does not seem easy, since it is subject to being allowed to play with the public present in their matches, for which they intend to convince the health authorities of the effectiveness of their so-called ‘Plan Diamante ‘, which according to the leader Horacio de la Vega contemplates strict sanitary measures for players and fans aimed at avoiding a possible contagion of the coronavirus.

It sounds very complicated that they allow the LMB to play with fans in their stadiums, but if the conditions are met for the relief of a short campaign of the Mexican Summer League this year, the good news is the quick and measured reaction of the Mexican League assembly. del Pacífico (LMP), the maximum professional circuit played in autumn-winter, since the leaders of the 10 teams that comprise it determined to support the other League so that it can try to save the 2020 season and in order to prevent the project of mini campaign of the summer circuit joins the calendar of the winter organization that usually starts on October 12, it must be remembered that there are many players who participate in both Leagues, hence it is prudent to agree on the respective agendas and for this the assembly of hierarchies of the winter circuit has expressed a willingness to move the start of its 2020-2021 season to the first days of November by cutting of the agenda and holding some days with a double game, in addition to thinking about incorporating more foreign players in the first round of the contest or attracting other baseball players from league organizations to alleviate the temporary absence of many of their star players who would be immersed in participation with their summer circuit teams.

It is worth reiterating that the phantom of the cancellation of the LMB campaign in this year is still latent, since it sounds complex if they are allowed the presence of fans in matches and without it it is impossible for the campaign to develop, since for feasibility from the operation of the teams there is a strong dependence on the attendance and consumption of fans at ballparks. It should be noted that there is full awareness among LMB leaders that trying to vent the 2020 mini campaign by playing without an audience would be as much as’ shooting yourself in the foot ‘and as they say in the town:’ they know they would go straight to the slaughterhouse ‘, hence they have made it clear that fans are not allowed in the ball parks there will be no season this year and will leave the way clear so that the other League, the LMP, can start and vent their schedule as planned, early in October.

And after two failed attempts, the Japan Baseball League defined June 19 to sing the playball and join Taiwan and South Korea that weeks ago launched their respective tournaments, although like them they will start playing without an audience in the stadiums.

The Taiwan League has come as a surprise by lifting restrictions by allowing games with full stadiums. On April 12 they started without an audience, the following month they allowed the entrance of a thousand fans and now they will open doors to fully fill their stands.

The Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) launched the 2020 campaign on May 5 with closed doors and teddies occupy the seats intended for the public, highlighting the extraordinary participation of the Mexican slugger Roberto Ramos, who has already managed to reach 10 home runs in the season.

The Christian Villanueva from Guadalajara had to have an operation for appendicitis and would be available to play in mid-July, hoping to achieve a good performance and arrive optimally to the season with Charros de Jalisco.
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