The video game industry is one of the sectors that suffers the most from piracy. For this reason, companies have developed systems that make it more difficult to carry out illegal practices such as using games without a license, but since “hackers” often go one step further, Nintendo decided to sue them.

Although the Nintendo Switch is equipped with technology that makes it difficult to run pirated games, hackers discovered that there are certain exploits that allow you to enter the console system and remove restrictions.

Aware of this situation, Nintendo filed two lawsuits in the United States in order for the authorities to prosecute these practices that affect their intellectual and industrial property.

According to the “Polygon” medium, the lawsuit is against various Internet pages, including,, and All the sites work thanks to the same group of hackers called Team Xecuter which, according to Nintendo, has provided software and codes to run games without a license on the Switch.

Hackers offer, for an average of $ 50, the download of an unauthorized operating system that allows “pirated” video games to be used on the console.

Nintendo appears to be seeking $ 2,500 compensation for every time the code offered by the accused hackers has been run. Of course they are also looking for a permanent suspension mandate against this type of website.

It is clarified that the video game company will not go against users who have used the codes to play pirated content on the console. Despite the fact that, even catching those who distribute the software, it is very difficult for Nintendo to regain control of the switches that have already been unlocked.

It should be remembered that a few weeks ago the Nintendo Switch managed to be “hacked”, a situation that some users took advantage of to load “pirated” copies of games, so the company decided to intensify security measures not only on its console, but has also taken action. legal for anyone who is dedicated to supplying illegal material.

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