They will remember the centenary of muralism

MEXICO CITY. Muralists and art researchers such as Ariosto Otero, Isaías Mata, Guillermina Guadarrama and Rubén Minutoli will participate in the conference, in virtual format, scheduled for tomorrow Saturday June 26, to continue with the celebrations of the first centenary of Mexican muralism.

The series, which is organized by the Mexican Muralists Movement (MMM), will begin at 11:00 hours with the keynote address by the muralist Isaías Mata (El Salvador, 1956), who at the end of 1989 was tortured and exiled in San Francisco, California, where he dedicated himself to making murals “telling the story of a great people, as is the Latin American continent ”.

Mata assures that “the consequences of the work he carried out from the mural that made the people in struggle (in El Salvador) happy and enthusiastic were serious. At the end of 1989 I was tortured and exiled. I do not regret. That path marked my lifestyle as a muralist ”.

And he adds: “A mural is a political argument, it is a living political letter that accompanies the social deeds of even ethnic groups (…). Muralism is a subversive act. The murals have to be polyargumental to influence and have an important link with the groups ”.

The lecture series broadcast It will be held at 11:00 hours, through the YouTube channel and Facebook pages of the Mexican Muralists Movement.

Isaías Mata, together with the Argentine muralist Fernando Calzoni, organized the Jaguar Azul Art Workshop, seminars and workshops (1999) and his collective and individual work has been exhibited in Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Argentina, Italy, Canada, Holland and France.


The National Institute of Fine Arts and Literature sent to the Ministry of Culture the projects to regularize the working conditions and benefits of its workers, it was reported in a statement, with this it is intended to correct the budget deficit of approximately $ 130 million pesos annually, caused by previous administrations.

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Different paintings and prints by authors from the 20th and 21st centuries will be sold on 20th./21st. Century auction series, held by Sotheby’s House in London.

Among the works that will go on sale are L’Étreinte (The Embrace) by Pablo Picasso (above) in 1969; Untitled, by Jean-Michel Basquiat, Subject to availability, a work done in 2009 by Banksy, among others. The auction will take place on June 30.

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