They will “join” Kimberly Loaiza and Kenia Os, it was Natti Natasha!

They will “join” Kimberly Loaiza and Kenia Os, it was Natti Natasha! | Instagram

A piece of news that has the fandom of the musical artist Kimberly Loaiza and Kenya Os more than excited is that possibly what many have been waiting for since their separation will come true and it is that everything indicates that both will be able to collaborate again thanks to another music celebrity. Natti Natasha.

Such was the recent case where a fan discovered that possibly waiting to see Kenya and Kimberly together again has finally waited, as mentioned in the program Es Neta hosted by Iván Plascencia, from minute 6:12 you can see the full note.

The title of the video is “New Exclusive! Kimberly loaiza and Kenya are preparing something for you together with Natti Natasha “, although the title already states that they will have a collaboration together, by mentioning the full note you get a big surprise, right away we share the video.

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There is no doubt that when an admirer proposes it, they can join threads and stories to reach not only a conclusion but also to discover some plans of their favorite stars, especially that thanks to technology and certain carelessness of their celebrities they manage to realize of what they are planning.

Perhaps you had already realized that on some occasions Kim Loaiza, wife of Juan de Dios Pantoja, had shared Tiktoks with background songs by the Dominican singer.

Although this seems usual, it is not so much because when a celebrity and music star refers to another personality in the environment it is possible that it is for two reasons, the first would be admiration and the second a collaboration, therefore his fandom is very aware of what is published.

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The suspicions began after Natti herself began to share and comment on some publications by Loaiza herself, the same happens with Kenia Os, in fact recently some fans of the interpreter of “Your worst nightmare“They noticed that Natasha started following her on her social media.

So it seems that the conclusion reached by some Internet users is that Natti Natasha has contact with both Kimberly Loaiza and Kenia Os, so there is a possibility that the three together will have a collaboration and that the hope of seeing together again the young influencers is finally fulfilled.

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This emotion is based on a tweet that Natti Natasha shared a Tiktok video of Kimberly Loaiza dancing one of her songs, this one published on April 23 and another where she commented “In the union of fandoms is strength”, possibly doing reference to the fact that if two or more celebrities collaborate, the effect is greater by uniting everyone’s admirers.

The Es Neta video was shared on May 11, one day after Mother’s Day, where by the way, all the moms were also congratulated and mentioned an episode where Juan de Dios Pantoja Kim Loaiza’s husband gave him a bouquet of red roses and he was immediately criticized, without knowing if there was something else he had given him, surely that was decided to keep it for him.

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Some fans commented in the video that apparently Natti was more interested in Kim than in Kenya and that in the case of any collaboration it would be with Loaiza, although in reality only they will know if they work together or not.

We would surely have to wait a little longer to see these two great Internet celebrities again, since no comments have been made about it.

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