they will investigate the former YCRT controller for irregular contracts

The Federal Prosecutor for Criminal and Correctional Matters of the City of Buenos Aires, María Alejandra Mángano, formalized the request for an inquiry to Omar Zeidan, former controller of the Río Turbio Carboniferous Reservoir (YCRT) appointed by the management of Let’s change.

The request was made within the framework of the case investigating the crecruitment of 417 people as of December 2019 . The employment relationship began only days before Zeidán left office; Now the Justice finds out if there was « fraud by fraudulent administration » to the detriment of the National State. In addition to the former auditor, Raúl was summoned to testify Guimard and Sergio Lumachi, two other directors of the company.


Complaints to Zeidán

TO mid-November 2020 , The Austral Opinion had interviewed the controller of the state mining company Aníbal Fernández, who claimed that Cambie officials were executed  » maneuvers related to the emptying of the only coal mine at the hands of the National State  » . Under this suspicion he was obliged to cancel the employment contracts.


In the court case it is presumed that Zeidan; Guimard and Lumachithey would have  » designed and carried out a maneuver by which the admission of 417 people was facilitated and specified as workers of Río Turbio Carboniferous Deposits, in the Railway Serviceswith terminals in Loyola PointY Rio gallegos ».


To explain the request for the inquiries, the prosecutor Alejandra Mangano It specified that “the decisions and legal acts adopted as a consequence caused the National State to assume the payment of salaries for an approximate amount of at least $ 33,093,261.99 during the period between December 2019 and February 2020 ”.


In addition, Justice agreed with one of the arguments that Fernández gave to those hired by Cambiemos to explain his decision to revoke the employment relationship.


“The appointment did not correlate with an increase in production levels or trade surplus”, and that “contrary to what is stated in the foundations of those resolutions, the company was in a situation of economic crisis and with a high level of fiscal debt ”.If the criminal hypothesis is verified, the Justice will proceed to a preventive embargo


After observing a long list of irregularities related to the hiring of these personnel, the prosecutor asked that « the request be granted and consequently summoned to give an investigatory statement » to the three former directors of YCRT.


In addition, the prosecutor requested that “if the aforementioned criminal hypothesis is not disproved, the indictment of those named and the lien on your assets is provided until reaching the sums of property damage caused, plus the corresponding costs and expenses ”.


VIP expenses


But the irregular hiring of staff was not the only complaint. The intervention of Aníbal Fernández detected that between October 2016 and January 2020, when it’s Let’s change I had left power Zeidan, your general coordinator Sergio Lumachi and his private secretary and sister-in-law, Cintia Da Silva, used corporate cards of the state company for personal expenses.


“A state company cannot have corporate cards, How is he going to have them? We found things like that they paid for plane tickets, dinners in very expensive places, all delicious eh, and that in the same day they bought in two supermarkets; one in the morning and another in the afternoon, « he said. Fernandez to The Austral Opinion, at the same time that he appeared in court with receipts in hand.