Mexico City.- The Nayarit Attorney General’s Office reported that they arrested an individual who is the alleged murderer of student Diana Carolina Raygoza.

The first investigations revealed that it is his cousin Víctor Emmanuel “N”, who is a specialist in criminal and public security.

At a press conference, the state prosecutor, Petronilo Ponce Medrano, indicated that they found several evidences against the alleged feminicide.

“We had not encountered a criminal with these characteristics and behavioral disorder,” he said.

“It is a situation that is very striking because it is possible that we could have had a serial killer.”

“Fortunately, the situation was clarified very quickly, the evidence was processed and we were able to stop it,” said the prosecutor.

Diana was murdered at her home, but neither the doors nor the windows were forced, which allowed us to assume that she was a nearby person with house keys.

In addition, signs of fighting were noticed in the young woman, which made it possible for her attacker to have an injury.

Both tracks led to Victor. First, because he and his mother were the only ones who had a key to Diana’s house since, sometimes, they went to feed the dogs.

“In fact, it was striking that the dogs did not bark when the attacker entered the home, which is another sign that he was an acquaintance,” added the prosecutor.

When reviewed, Victor had cuts on his arms, necks, and back. The suspect said they were the result of an attempted assault.

With this background, the Prosecutor’s Office requested and obtained from a judge a search warrant at Víctor’s home.

“In the suspect’s bedroom we found notebooks that outline this psychopathy.”

“Prostitutes, pregnant women, lesbians, witches are very disparagingly mentioned, and women are emphasized as subjects of hatred, violence, and physical assault.”

“There are drawings of sharp weapons and human figures of women generally in situations of injury,” explained the prosecutor.

“We even found two species of recipes where it is explained how to kill, how to highlight bodies and even a writing about eating women,” he added.

The prosecutor also revealed that experts in graphoscopy analyzed Victor’s signature and compared it with the initials “SF” left with blood on a wall of the room where Diana Carolina was murdered, and it was also compared with the letters on the notebooks in her room. In everything there is a coincidence.

Finally, bloody garments were located in the suspect’s chamber, which will be analyzed by the laboratory to determine if they match those of the victim.

“We also have videos from security cameras, geolocation data, information obtained from the cell phones of the victim and the suspect, and other evidence that we will present to the judge,” the prosecutor sentenced.