They will honor the legacy of Ramón López Velarde

MEXICO CITY. The poet Ramón López Velarde (1888-1921) will be honored on Saturday, June 19, at 10:00 a.m., with the presence of the poets David Huerta, Fernando Fernández and Hernán Bravo Varela, who will remember his life and work in the Casa del Poeta that bears his name, in the colony Rome.

The ceremony will be attended by the head of local Culture, Vanessa Bohórquez, told Excelsior Maricarmen Férez, director of the House of the Poet Ramón López Velarde, who announced that in the coming weeks the name of the bard will be inscribed in gold letters on the wall of honor of the Chamber of Senators, and an exhibition dedicated to the Bard will open on June 13, in the Rejas de Chapultepec.

The ceremony on the 19th will be intimate, we are going to place a commemorative mosaic plaque on the façade of the venue and David Huerta –president of the Board of the House of the Poet– will be the main speaker ”and will talk about the legacy of the Jerez poet.

Also honor guards; the poet Fernando Fernández will comment on other aspects of the life and work of the Zacatecan vate and Bravo Varela will read La suave patria.

Férez Kuri explained that the House of the Poet will hold a poetry seminar on June 19 at 12:00, but it will be via digital, and foresees the possibility that the venue will be reopened before the end of the year.

Finally, he acknowledged that the donation that the Secretariat of Culture of the CDMX still in process. “We were working on it, but our secretary (Bohórquez) is active and is trying to get us something.”


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