they will have 7 GB for 6.95 euros forever

Lowi It almost completely renewed its rate offer on November 1, although the simpler rate had remained unchanged. Now, as we have been able to know in Engadget Mobile, the Vodafone OMV also will improve this rate, although not all.

This is the rate with calls at 0 cents per minute (and 18 cents for call establishment), which includes 4 GB for 6.95 euros. This rate will remain unchanged for new hires, but those clients who already had it, they will automatically receive a free increase of gigabytes forever.

Specifically, this rate will have 7 GB cumulative at full speed for current customers, 3 GB in addition to those officially included. And although the winners are being informed by SMS that the improvement will take effect on December 1, in reality they are already applying the benefit from today.

A award for the most loyal customers, which is striking for unusual that it is to see them in tighter price ranges, although a similar rate has long been available at Simyo. Other operators, who have recently also improved these rates, include 5 GB in the case of Digi or ios (and with unlimited calls). The rest of the competition is still 4 GB for cases like Amena and Pepephone.


Lowi rewards its customers with the simplest rate: they will have 7 GB for 6.95 euros forever