One of the most criticized aspects of the ‘Man of Steel’ movie was the appearance of the Citadel of the House of El on Superman’s home planet and after 7 years, the filmmaker, Zack Snyder spoke of the criticized designs of Krypton .

After directing ‘Man of Steel’, Snyder became the architect of what became known as the DC Extended Universe. (DCEU) which expanded with ‘Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’ and then with ‘Justice League’.

The director is back with ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League ”, which will show the vision he had for the film, since, for personal reasons, he left during the post-production process.

Although Snyder’s films in DC have not been well received by critics, they have found a large following. The director’s work in comic book movies is considered for its symbolism and attention to detail.

‘Man of Steel’ included dozens, if not hundreds, of references, some of which were first seen and others are only being revealed now, as is the case that fans also continue to unpack the symbolism of the Snyder movies, even years later, as is the case of the citadel that has stood out for its similarity to the male anatomy.

Zack Snyder spoke about the criticized Krypton designs during his broadcast on Vero, in which he announced the arrival of ‘Zack Snyder’s Justice League’, specifying that all fertility symbols were intentionally included in the film, as a visual representation of Kryptonian culture. .

They were on purpose! This is how Zack Snyder planned the criticized designs of Krypton giphy

As stated in ‘Man of Steel’, Kal-El is one of the first natural births on Krypton in a long time. Before their birth, Kryptonians had given up on natural childbirth in order to genetically engineer children.

It seems that Snyder wanted these phallic symbols to be a way of representing Krypton’s culture. in its architecture and engineering.

Whether or not knowledge of symbolism enhances the experience of watching the film is up to each viewer, but some may find this fact fascinating.

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