They were about to lose $ 34 million that they won in the lottery because of this terrible oversight.

Chad and Christa Breyer are a couple originally from Tavistock, a small town located in Ontario, Canada, who purchased a Lotto Max lottery ticket in early March for a draw that took place on March 16.

Chad remembers that after buying the ticket, put it in one of the cup holders in his car and later he dedicated himself to doing several pending and errands, dleaving the ticket there and without putting insurance on your vehicle because he does not usually do it.

The man completely forgot that there was a lottery ticket in his car and days later, he bought one for another raffle, not knowing that fate had already awarded him a millionaire prize.

Several days later, Christa asked her husband for the lottery tickets to review the results of the drawing. It wasn’t until then that Chad remembered that he still had a ticket in his car’s cup holder.

When scanning the tickets, the woman was very surprised to discover that the one who was in the car for several days abandoned had won them a prize equivalent to $ 34 million.

Without thinking, the couple went to a store to verify that the ticket had given them to win that amount of money. A machine corroborated the good news, so without thinking, they took their ticket and left the store towards the house, not knowing that they had to wait at the premises to speak with a representative of Lotto Max.

The most incredible thing about it is that during all that time, eThe ticket passed in the car, which was always open, and in sight, so anyone could have taken it.

When they went to collect their prize, the winners indicated that they usually play the lottery not precisely looking for a great reward, but because someone told them that with the money from the tickets, donations are given to hospitals and communities.

Despite the fact that from now on they have no more financial concerns, Chad does not plan to stop working because he does not want to disappoint his boss. But what he is very clear about is what he will spend part of his money on.

We are going to buy a new house with a large property for our family and we will also buy a couple of new vehicles: a truck and an SUV with traction, ”said the winner.

Also, this couple decided that part of the award will be given to various NGOs and they plan to make a trip to California.

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