They warn that AMLO shows signs of wanting to perpetuate himself in power in Mexico

The Mexican Political Sociologist Alfonso Zarate warned that the president of Mexico, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, is giving “clues” of wanting to remain in power beyond 2024, when his term ends and he will not be eligible for re-election.

“There is the possibility that López Obrador decides to remain in power. In this there are some clues ”, He commented in an interview with Efe Zárate, who has just published a critical book on the first years of the president’s government, entitled “The country of a single man” (Planet).

One of those clues, according to the political sociologist, is López Obrador’s motto that “the people put and the people take away”, a philosophy that could lead him to remain in power claiming that “the people want it”.

“The second clue is his decision to extend the term of Arturo Zaldívar, the president of the Supreme Court – close to López Obrador – on the grounds that he is the necessary man”, detailed Zárate.

And it is that the majority in Congress approved to extend Zaldívar’s mandate in the Supreme Court for two more years to implement the judicial reform ordered by López Obrador despite the fact that the Constitution limits the position to a maximum of four years.

López Obrador, who has promised that he will retire in 2024, tends to joke about the issue of reelection, as he did this week when he expressed that he will not extend his term because he is already “freaking (raving).”

“If he keeps his word that he does not intend to remain after 2024, there is no doubt that he will be the great elector within his party by defining the successor”, thought Zárate.

In that case, he predicted that his successor will be the current mayor of Mexico City, Claudia SheinbaumAlthough his image was tarnished by the subway accident on May 3, which left 26 dead and more than 80 injured.


For the analyst, López Obrador is “very difficult to define” on the right-left axis because he does not meet the profile of the left, which traditionally “privileges the poorest and has a commitment to feminist causes.”

But it does seem to him “absolutely clear that we are facing a populist president,” since he offers “empty and immediate answers” to Mexico’s problems.

“He is a leader with a very simple, elementary, very repetitive language. It is the way to reach your customers “, said Zárate about the morning press conferences offered by the president every day.

And he attributed López Obrador’s high popularity to “the social pensions that 23 million people receive,” which “do not lift them out of poverty, but they are a relief.”

For Zárate, the elections on June 6, in which the Chamber of Deputies and 15 of the 32 state governments will be renewed, will be “undoubtedly crucial elections for the country.”

If the ruling National Regeneration Movement (Morena) reaches an absolute majority, “Major constitutional reforms will advance”, how to reform the National Electoral Institute (INE) or, “excessively”, violate “the autonomy of the Bank of Mexico.”

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