They warn risk of closure in industries due to natural gas crisis

The industrial sector of the State of Mexico lit the red lights after the increase in natural gas rates and warned that this could cause the closure of companies, as another element with a high risk of exacerbating the crisis that is already worrying due to the damage of the pandemic.

César Pereda López, president of the Energy Commission of the Industrial Union of the State of Mexico, stated that Petróleos Mexicanos, as the largest marketer of this energy, “should tell us what your position is, and at what rate you could work, but not there is nothing clear, they only tell us that the cost in the United States rose a lot, « he said.

He asserted that there is uncertainty in the companies in the sector and fear of receiving exorbitant bills because from one day to the next the price of natural gas went from 4 to 150 dollars per MMBTU (British Thermal Unit).

In an official statement from the organization he represents, Pereda López gave as an example “that a company that pays 10 million pesos a month in natural gas, with current costs and uncertainty in the rate, could have to pay up to five million pesos a day and with a supply that would not allow it to meet its production commitments ”.

He asserted that after the critical alert announced last Tuesday night by the National Center for Natural Gas Control (Cenagas), due to the interruption in the supply of natural gas from the United States to Mexico, the effects on companies that They stopped activities in the Mexican territory, as well as in Jalisco and Tlaxcala and other entities.

“We do not have the peace of mind of how much it will end up paying, the molecule rose to stratospheric amounts, from 3 dollars per million BTU, up to 150 dollars; there is a lot of uncertainty and, furthermore, there are already companies affected by shortages and those that are not, are uncertain about what rates they are going to be charged, this should be incorporated into their costs ”.

César Pereda warned that the drop in fuel supply will also affect urban transport, a situation that has already occurred in Puerto Vallarta and Querétaro, where most of the units use this fuel to operate. He ruled out that something similar happens in the State of Mexico, since most of the vehicle fleet uses diesel.

A natural gas distribution company, which is a partner of UNIDEM, and supplies most of the unionized industries, issued a statement to its customers, so that they reduce their gas consumption as much as possible due to the low availability of the system, which is caused by the restrictions that arise at import points, derived from weather changes in the United States.

In the case of industrial customers, they were asked to lower consumption by up to 80 percent and thereby avoid further complications and prevent damage at the residential level, government infrastructure and especially in hospitals.

Industrialists hoped that by the weekend the cold wave in Texas could subside, and weather conditions improve, and thereby begin to reactivate production and regularize fuel supply, as reported by Pemex.