The inhabitants of Puerto Morelos consider that the economic vision of the municipal president, Laura Fernández Piña, is “quite limited”.

Inhabitants of Puerto Morelos They pointed out that the municipal president, Laura Fernández Piña, maintains a “short-range vision” so they doubt that, before the end of the year, the municipal economic recovery will begin.

They criticized that the mayor intends, as the colloquial saying says “to put all the eggs in one basket” and bets on tourism as a generator of the economic recovery after the health emergency due to the COVID-19.

It should be noted that Laura Fernández indicated that “tourism will be the generator of jobs, quality of life, well-being for families and development for communities and that its reactivation will contribute to the economic recovery of the municipality.”

Limited economic vision

However, for the inhabitants of Puerto Morelos, this recovery is long-term, while the municipality requires it, it is a short-term strategy, since thousands of inhabitants need to reactivate the local economy as soon as possible.

In this regard, Rodolfo Chí Medina stated that apparently the vision of Laura Fernández gives nothing more than to consider tourism as the only option for generating an economy.

Perhaps it is the municipal vocation, but we need Laura Fernández to “put the batteries” in economic matters.

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Gerardo Martín considered that the municipal president figures her hopes for the arrival of visitors to Puerto Morelos, but without considering that this will not happen before the end of the year, precisely because of the fear that will prevail at COVID-19.

Laura Fernández is “short-sighted” in economic matters, so it will take time to recover.

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