The event is back in the news a month later, because actor Juan Acosta was denounced as one of the promoters of the march that caused a violation of compulsory quarantine: an individual accused him before the Specialized Cybercrime Tax Unit (Ufeci) in charge of Horacio Azzolin, who sent her to a draw before the Federal Chamber and the case it was the court of Daniel Rafecas.

In this framework, the artist considered that it is a persecution against his person. « The feeling I have is that they want to shut me up, the message is:‘ Juan Acosta, don’t talk anymore ’ », analyzed the man who for years has been a critic of Kirchnerism.

“I was not the only one who promoted the march; Yes this is why, that they imprison all those who do not respect the quarantine in La Matanza every day« Claimed on radio La Red.

« They have been pointing at me for a while because I criticize the government« Acosta considered, who clarified that he does not defend Mauricio Macri, but » the Republic and the management « of the former President: »The rod got very high, there were things that were done very well and were never disclosed« , argument.

« I’m not afraid of them and I’m not going to shut up because someone tells me that they are going to put me in jail« Challenged the actor, who a day earlier had posted the following message on social media: »The cyber patrol is full, the word is a channel through which democracy breathes, in the complaint they say that I urge rebellion, sedition. I haven’t heard that since the dictatorship. Let it not decay, long live the Republic« 

In the same interview, Acosta clarified that he actually defends quarantine as a strategy to contain the advance of the coronavirus in Argentina: « Violating quarantine is not okay, I say let’s listen to the President, but I’m not going to keep quiet. »

« The vice president (Cristina Kirchner) violated the quarantine and went to Cuba … It makes noise when those who denounce you do what they want. They put criminals in jail« , full.

The scientist expressed herself in the same tone Sandra Pitta, one of the people who signed the document against the national government, who was on guard against the possibility that Justice would also put her under the magnifying glass: « Guys, if you want to build a cause for #infection, you are getting into an international mess. Don’t say I didn’t warn« The CONICET researcher warned on social networks.