They viralize outrageous VIDEO of Enrique Guzmán improperly touching Verónica Castro

After Frida sofia accuse his grandfather, Enrique Guzman, from sexual abuse, Internet users have taken care of relive some of the singer’s scandals and published a video where he surpasses Verónica Castro.

Due to the controversy, A clip reappeared in which Enrique is seen approaching his hand towards Verónica’s bust, who quickly walks away to avoid further contact, while they had an interview several years ago.

In the images you can see how the conversation was carried out in complete order, until From one moment to the next, Guzmán touched the presenter’s breast, which caused her to be uncomfortable and even interposed her arm to make the separation visible.

The incident occurred during the program ‘Bad Night No‘, starred more than two decades ago by Castro, completely live, so that thousands of viewers could be witnesses to the improper behavior of the singer.

As if that were not enough, another recording also emerged in which Enrique attended the same program with his daughter, Alejandra, and in this the singer says that his daughter seems ‘very good’ to him.

Although the series of revelations that Frida made in her recent interview with Gustavo Adolfo Infante They are very strong, there are those who believe that he is telling the truth and have shown to support it, as well as now sharing ‘evidence’ of his grandfather’s inappropriate attitudes, in order to mask reality.

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