“They told us that they could sanction us and we spoke with Diakhaby, who told us to go out”

The meeting between Cadiz and Valencia was stopped for a little more than 20 minutes due to the momentary abandonment of Javi Gracia’s team after Diakhaby was allegedly insulted in racist terms by Cadista player Cala.

Subsequently, the match resumed without the French Valencia player on the field and, according to several media present at the Carranza stadium, the Chés agreed to leave because Diakhaby himself asked them to for the good of the club, although he was in no condition to leave.

Something confirmed by the Valencia captain, Gayà, after the match, that Valencia lost to Cádiz 2-1, before the microphones of Movistar and the technician Javi Gracia.

“He has told us that he has insulted him in a racist way. We have gone out to play because they have told us that they could take away the 3 points and some more. He asked us to go out. He is sunk, a very ugly insult … We are with him to death“Gayà said.

Javi Gracia, along the same lines

At a press conference, Valencia coach Javi Gracia said that they told the referee that they did not want to continue after the insult.

They told us that we could be sanctioned and at that moment we spoke with Diakhaby. He said that he did not feel fit but that he understood that we had to go out and play to avoid the possible sanction. “

“I take this opportunity to say that the referee had no record of what happened, neither he nor his assistants heard anything of what had really happened and, faced with that situation, they have been forced to continue the game. We are very sorry for the situation and condemn all these episodes, “added the coach.

Álvaro Cervera, on the side of Cala

The Cádiz coach, in the post-match press conference, addressed the incident and revealed that Cala, the player accused of the racist insult, denied doing so.

A position that his coach defended at all times: “I believe in my player.”