“They talk about national sentiment, but that’s bullshit”

06/09/2021 at 8:06 PM CEST

Alberto Teruel

The new coach of Libya, Javier Clemente, has appeared before the microphones of Radio Marca to analyze the news of the Spanish team, immersed in a complicated situation after the positives in Coronavirus of Sergio Busquets and Diego Llorente. From his position as a former coach, Clemente has addressed some ‘hot spots’ that La Roja has to face before the start of the great European event.

Clemente’s stage at the head of the Spanish team, like that of Luís Enrique, was not without controversy. Barakaldo’s was also criticized for some decisions regarding the squad list. “The Christiansen thing was a special case. He was in the Barça subsidiary because he was a foreigner, but his level was higher. In your gathering he said that since I did not take Michel, he was no longer one of the national team.. So, as no one from Albacete takes, in Albacete there will be no one from the national team, neither from Murcia, because they do not follow it either. Don’t they say that La Roja belongs to everyone? In my time, not even the media“.

Paco Jémez, former coach of Rayo Vallecano and guest on the Radio Marca program, also wanted to make a point on the issue of national sentiment. “We say that the Red belongs to everyone and has nothing to everyone“.

Along these lines, Clemente referred to national sentiment, a hot topic since the controversial question to Aymeric Laporte. “They talk about national sentiment, but that’s bullshit. When each one goes to their interests and supports the one they want. “

Finally, Clemente defended the work of Luis Enrique at the head of the senior team. “I like it because it does what it wants. You still don’t need to bring anyone. They have gone 24, they have three goalkeepers, they play 11, they are ten substitutes. It still has seven substitutes and it is enough to fill the positions. The same in the World Cup or in the Eurocup only 18 players play. “

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