They take away the custody of the baby and attack the toilets

The trigger for the violent event recorded early Monday afternoon in the Zaragoza Clinical Hospital was the removal of custody of a baby. The mother of the newborn and four relatives attacked both the health personnel present and the agents sent to the plant when they were denied entry into the Intensive Care Unit where the minor was located and not allowed to take her away, as published by El día de Aragón.

An operating room also called surgery center, is the unit of a hospital where surgical procedures are performed.

An operating room also called surgery center, is the unit of a hospital where surgical procedures are performed.

Sources from the Government of Aragon have confirmed to the aforementioned local media that they had withdrawn custody of the baby, born on July 24 in said hospital, due to an “accumulation of indications that compelled” to the Department of Citizenship and Social Rights to take measures to safeguard the well-being of the minor. The assault originated when the mother tried to enter the ICU and the health workers denied her passage.

The reaction of the family members present was violent and, according to what has transpired, several people they broke windows and threatened them to hospital staff. It was the security team from the same center that, upon learning what was happening, called the police, according to El Heraldo de Aragón.

Until eight endowments of the National Police and the Local Police They were sent to the scene and they were received upon arrival at the plant where the shoving altercations had taken place. In the end, five people (two men and three women) were arrested. They are 22, 26 and 46 years old. And they, 26 and 55 years old. Except that one is the mother of the girl, it has not transpired what is the kinship relationship with the newborn of the rest of the detainees.

Several nurses, a doctor and the social worker were attacked and some of the toilets had to be cared for by anxiety pictures due to the violence of the event. El Heraldo reports that witnesses to what happened have reported that they grabbed the doctor by the neck and that they made verbal threats telling them that they had kept their faces.

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The minor has been in charge of the Government of Aragon. From Health they have confirmed the existence of an altercation on Monday afternoon in the Clinic and informed that the Police are in charge of the case.

According to the information published by El Heraldo de Aragón, the Social Services have withdrawn custody of the mother for “sufficiently justified reasons”, although the circumstances or the reason why the girl is in the ICU has not been disclosed.

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