Mexico City.- Given that the attention of Mexican society is on what happens in the country due to the Covid-19 pandemic, groups promoting abortion take advantage of the situation to promote decriminalization in different states of the country.

This is how he denounced it Alison Gonzalez, spokesperson for the organization Pasos por la Vida, within the framework of the 9th March for Life, carried out this day virtually on social networks.

“Taking advantage of the fact that the attention is elsewhere, 8 initiatives have been presented in different states of the country to decriminalize abortion, same that attempt against human life ”, he assured.

Among the states in which initiatives have been presented to legalize abortion, he highlighted Guanajuato, Guerrero, Oaxaca and recently San Luis Potosí.

In the case of Guanajuato, next Tuesday, the local Congress will take to the House the vote on reforms to the Penal Code and the Health Law.

While in San Luis Potosí, last week, a majority vote rejected the initiative that provided for the decriminalization of abortion in that entity.

The spokesperson for Steps for Life congratulated the local deputies of San Luis Potosí for the defense of life through their vote.

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Report tutorials for doing home abortions

In the context of the pandemic and quarantine, González said that Video tutorials are being published on social networks explaining women how to abort at home.

According to González, this initiative began as an International movement in Chile and was imported into Mexico by groups that promote abortion.

“In these home videos the use of misoprostl and other abortifacient medications, but there is nothing to ensure that women are protected with these procedures ”González indicated.

He specified that although abortion is legal in some entities of the country, in the Constitution there is no definition in this regard, so the fact that this is promoted on the internet is totally inconsistent with the messages of the groups that ensure safe abortion.

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Highlights good results of the 9th March for Life

Here you can see the broadcast of the 9th March for Life

Alison González thanked the leaders who joined the virtual event, among which the Primate Archbishop of Mexico, Carlos Aguiar Retes; the artists Dulce María, Alexander Acha Eduardo Verástegui and Emmanuel.

Politicians of different levels of responsibility and political affiliation also participated in the virtual march.

To this event more than 20 thousand people, with 480 thousand views on Facebook and reached 511 thousand 728 people through this social network.

“Many suggested canceling the march, but we continued with it because we cannot remain silent when there are daily attacks against the dignity of the person, of women and the lives of babies are at stake, “he concluded.