They suspect reconciliation between Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel

They suspect reconciliation between Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel (Instagram)

They suspect reconciliation between Sebastián Yatra and Tini Stoessel | Instagram

The singer Sebastián Yatra has expressed himself on many occasions having lived the best moments with his former partner,Tini Stoessel, so after an appearance together, the suspicions of “reconciliation” did not wait.

It was after a challenge for the famous couple to share on social networks that caused the euphoria of their followers at an apparent possibility of “reconciliation” Between both.

Tini and Sebastian Yatra became one of the most beloved couples after knowing the details of their relationship, even rumors of a possible wedding came to revolve around the famous couple.

For this reason, after the break that both starred in, his followers do not lose hope that both will resume their relationship and any sign is enough to unleash their imagination and believe that this can happen at some point.

However, until today neither of the two have confirmed or ruled out this possibility, what is a fact is that they are now good friends and it even transpired that they had already been unblocked on Instagram.

The recent video that went viral on the internet is more than anything a call to nostalgia since it shows the Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra when they were in the best stage of their relationship, where they all did it together, up to various challenges they shared with his loyal fans.

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Apparently neither of them has revealed if they have someone special at the door, but their relationship was very beautiful so now that they are no longer together they have focused on their careers, meanwhile fans continue to remember those images or videos where they shared moments together wasting love.

It should be remembered that the reasons that led to the breakup of this couple were derived after the rumors of infidelity with the actress Danna Paola, which was never really checked whether it was true or false.

After the couple decided to go their separate ways, it was their followers who gave them the news that broke their hearts.

Tini Stoessel and Sebastián Yatra made it clear that “the separation is due to the fact that they were isolated in different countries by the quarantine caused by the new coronavirus and this generated a break for both, assuming that their courtship had come to an end.”

Tini, the “Ideal Girl” for Sebastián Yatra

In days gone by, an interview that was conducted with the music idol, Yatra, who was in Spain promoting his recent material “The Ideal Girl“, was questioned among other things about his past courtship with Argentina to which he hinted at the great affection he feels for her.

In the words of the singer himself, he hinted that his past relationship “carries it in his heart.”

He treasures the beautiful moments that they lived together since they were the most incredible thing that has happened to him, so he hopes they can always maintain a good friendship, it was something that the renowned prodigal son of Colombia shared with Europa Press.

As for Danna Paola, he took advantage of the moment when he was questioned once again on the subject and completely discarded the rumors that would romantically relate them.

“It is totally false”, he assured that with Danna Paola “there is only a great friendship but we are not together,” said the singer.

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Similarly, the famous Medellín native also shared more details about his perspective towards women after pointing out what “An Ideal Girl” would be like for him, fans take note!

He must have a big heart, a strong energy capable of connecting them as well as being a person who supports him 100% and vice versa, he described.