They slept 3 together, Celia Lora and her experience with unbearable families

They slept 3 together, Celia Lora and her experience with unbearable families (INSTAGRAM)

They slept 3 together, Celia Lora and her experience with unbearable families | INSTAGRAM

The famous and charismatic host, Celia Lora, has been in charge of creating a new weekly chapter for her show “El Consultorio del Amor con Celia Lora” produced and broadcast through MTVLA.

This time we will address the newest installment of this Serie, which has become the great internet sensation thanks to the personality of Celia Lora and the way she tells us her anecdotes, while answering the questions how much her followers send her.

Only at the beginning of the program can we see the great energy and attitude with which Celia Lora begins, being a very positive and of course looking Super beautiful with one of her favorite lingerie sets, with which she was also in charge of showing off her wholesale beauty.

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This week’s theme is unbearable families, uncomfortable relatives, mothers-in-law, in-laws in general, in short, all those relatives who come to behave in a way that makes someone uncomfortable.

Celia Lora is very curious about what has happened to her followers since she assures that she has experienced incredible things and some truly uncomfortable situations.

To begin they addressed a problem that has always existed and that is really uncomfortable, apart from being totally immoral, it is about when a relative observes another with carnal desires, something for which Celia quickly remembered a cousin or two and that was so negative you really don’t want to talk about it.

One of her followers confesses that she has been in a relationship with her partner for more than a year and that she has not introduced her to her parents, for this anecdote the beautiful daughter of Alex Lora del Tri, began to think that perhaps it is to protect him, since many Sometimes the family is very uncomfortable with the couples, but they also feel that they should have already been introduced to them, because when someone is serious it does not take long to make the presentation.

He even recounted an occasion when one of his partners introduced him to his entire family within a short time of walking with her. What a way to create entertainment and print your personality on it, bravo Celia.

Another of his fans decided to reveal that he is one of his cousins ​​who watches his cousins ​​with wishes before this confession. Celia wonders why this is happening that she does not understand why there are so many people and they end up doing that with their family.

To continue, a follower addresses the issue of the mother-in-law and the sister-in-law, to whom she comments that in her case there were quite a lot of “m3tiches and envious” something that made the driver laugh a lot, who assures that this is one of the most important reasons in the moment to think about having a partner because that way you don’t have to deal with those kinds of situations.

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To finish we will tell you one of the most interesting stories of the entire program and we recommend that if you want to find out everything he talked about and many more details, watch the full video.

This is an occasion in which Celia traveled to New York with her last partner, who by the way lived with her mother, so on the trip she decided to invite her and upon arrival she ended up sleeping in the same room, even in the same bed. so the three of them slept together.

Of course, Celia Lora thought that because she did not rent a personal room for her mother, however, it all ended as one of her worst nightmares.