In a strange episode that is still being investigated, a man was shot meters from the fifth presidential of Olivos, where he had gone to support one of the demonstrations that were carried out throughout the country against the expropriation of Vicentin and in defense of private property.

R.J.A., a resident of San Isidro, 49 years, walked up to the residence where he rests Alberto Fernández accompanied by his wife. They arrived in their car shortly after 4:30 p.m., the agreed time for the start of the flag that was repeated in almost 10 districts of the country. By then, the police had already cut off traffic near the fifth presidential.

After parking your vehicle on the Maipú Avenue, in the capital sense and before the intersection with Calle Acassuso, the couple got off the road and started walking towards the bulk of the convocation. With his cell phone, R.J.A. started taking photos and filming some videos until suddenly felt a strong impact on his right arm: He had received a bullet fired from a compressed air weapon.

« He went out to film and at one point he says ‘oh, they hit me.’ It made a hole in him and it started to hurt, So we called SAME and told the police, « said the victim’s wife, who also assured that » they also shot a car at another car. « 

Immediately, an ambulance from the Emergency Medical Attention System arrived to assist him. In the place they made the first healings and because the wound in the forearm was not serious, they decided not to transfer him to a medical center. The man also commented that he was going to be cared for by his social work. He also said that after leaving the sanitarium, he was going to make the complaint.

It is still unknown who the assailant was and from where the shell was fired. « Apparently they shot from a building on that corner, » said another protester who was at the scene, pointing to the intersection of Maipú and San Lorenzo. Others assured that the attack took place from a vehicle that was circulating in the area.

The uniformed personnel who attended the 911 call communicated with the Vicente López Functional Instruction Unit, from where ordered the review of the municipal security cameras in the area. For this they requested the collaboration of the SubDDI of Vicente López.

This afternoon, the surroundings of the Quinta de Olivos were filled with protesters who were arriving at the residence, some in cars and others on foot. With Argentine posters and flags, honking their horns and hitting saucepans, those present expressed their discomfort at the Government’s policies. Due to his presence, police custody in front of the residence increased with the passing of the minutes.

From the entities of the field and self-convened producers who called the massive flag, they had asked to mobilize with responsibility and preserving their own health and that of others, with masks and maintaining social distancing in the midst of quarantine to prevent the coronavirus. Among those who approached Olivos, there was little compliance with regard to distancing.