They share confrontation between Juan de Dios Pantoja and a stalker

They share confrontation between Juan de Dios Pantoja and stalker (Instagram)

They share confrontation between Juan de Dios Pantoja and stalker | Instagram

Surely you already know that Juan de Dios Pantoja had to undergo surgery because he broke two bones in his hand, this due to a confrontation he had with a Tiktok stalker, everything was recorded on video!

For a few days and interpreter of “Bye bye” with his wife Kimberly loaiza He shared his discontent due to certain comments that a person was making on his Tiktok account and even on his Instagram he is as “stalker” in addition to his name, this person began to make several comments s3xuaIizing various Internet personalities such as youtubers and tiktokers including Kim Loaiza and Mont Pantoja cousin of Juan de Dios.

However, the annoyance did not stop only there, but this individual was not satisfied with mentioning that “it would go for the waist of Kmberly Loaiza” had to add a comment that for many was what aroused the ire of friends and family of JD Pantoja, because this person mentioned that he would also “go for Kima” daughter of Juan de Dios Pantoja and Kimberly Loaiza of just one year six months.

The person in charge of sharing the video of the confrontation was one of Juan de Dios Pantoja’s best friends known as “El Super Trucha”, the aforementioned video was published on January 26 and is entitled “JD Pantoja facing the harasser”, in his own channel El Super Trucha.


Juan will have a strong character, but this type of person has to be STOPPED! I wish they had faced it sooner! This man disgusts me and he is the least he deserved. It says “I WANTED TO BE FAMOUS – forgive me Juan, you are my IDOL” WTF ???? Take him to heal, seriously, “they wrote.

Immediately the video began to go viral especially because it also shows their going to the hospital, at first you can see that they are extremely calm talking about what happened, Juan de Dios Pantoja He admits that what he will do is wrong, and that they should not take it as an example that he is aware of what he is doing is not how it should be solved, however he mentions that they have not done anything to this person despite the fact that they had already denounced him in several occasions.

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In the video you can see the entire process and also distinguishes the moment when he ended up with his injured knuckles, the stalker was next to his daughter who at no time was disrespected.

It is possible to distinguish that he begins to ask for forgiveness before Juan de Dios Pantoja approaches him, later makes him record himself with a cell phone apologizing for the same videos that were later shared in JD’s own Instagram stories, after they leave you can see that the youtuber was shocked can be heard in his voice.

After a few minutes in the video they mention that they would go to the hospital because Juan de Dios could not move a part of his hand, already being in the office they tell him that he was injured and that he needs surgery stories that he also shared on his Instagram informing his followers.

Something that Juan de Dios mentioned that is perhaps what hurt him the most about this confrontation is the fact that his baby will be born in a few weeks and he will not be able to carry him as he wanted, this because he will have to stay 6 weeks with the nails in his wrist and later you will have to do therapy for 3 to 6 months to regain adequate mobility of your hand.

The only thing he mentioned near the end of the video was that he mentioned to his fans that it should not be argued that it was not good because the consequences could be bad as happened in his own case.

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