They sell photographs of Luis Miguel’s father, Luisito Rey in his coffin

The singer’s family Luis Miguel still giving something to talk about. This time, prior to the premiere of the second season of the singer’s bioseries, It was announced that a person has a series of photographs of Luis Rey in which they show him inside his coffin.

On her YouTube channel, the Mexican journalist Ana Maria Alvarado revealed the existence of said images, where the singer’s father is on his deathbed, sick in the hospital and at the time of his death, and that there is someone who is trying to sell them.

“These photographs They show him already deceased in his coffin, they show him when he gets sick, in the hospital, how they intubate him. Someone took these photographs and is looking for which media outlet wants to buy them ”, the journalist declares in her video.


In addition to obtaining financial benefit, Ana María questioned the reason for this person bring to light the images almost 30 years after the death of ‘Luisito’.

A week ago, an unpublished audio of the father of ‘El Sol’ was also leaked where he talks about his way of seeing life and they reveal that he did not die from pneumonia, but from a cocaine overdose.

This April 18 the second season of ‘Luis Miguel, the series’ opens, with the starring role of Diego Boneta, who will solve the mystery of what happened to Luis Miguel’s mother, Marcela basteri, between more revelations.

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