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It is a fact that Microsoft plans to launch Xbox Series X, its next generation console, in late 2020. But did you know that this was not its plan originally? As reported by a report from a trusted source, the company’s idea was for the Xbox Series X to be released sometime in August.

Brad Sams, a journalist who writes for Thurrott and who has leaked correct information about Xbox, wrote a report on Lockhart or Xbox Series S. In it he noted that the new reports point to this console being announced in August, although he could not verify this .

This led him to mention that, curiously, Microsoft’s plan was to launch the Xbox Series X sometime in August. Later the company was going to complement its offer of consoles with the premiere of Series S in mid-October.

Here’s a fun fact: The original launch plan for Lockhart was to launch it in mid-October. That may not sound like anything surprising, but Anaconda, Series X, was going to debut at the end of August, « said the journalist.

It is worth mentioning that Sams points out that it is difficult to guess the release date of both consoles. That said, he believes that the disclosure of this information is near.

Is the coronavirus to blame for the change of plans?

Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic the world is going through, you are probably thinking that she was to blame for the change in plans. In fact, many people who read the report say that must be the reason.

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That said, when reviewing the evidence we can see that, since E3 2019, Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X as a console that will arrive at the end of 2020. Considering that the SARS-VOC 2 virus was not a problem at the time, It seems that the change of plans took place earlier.

It should be clarified that the Sams report mentions « clearly the plans have been adjusted since the conception of the hardware. » This seems to open up the possibility that the plan was modified long ago.

Should I believe this information?

After reading this you are probably wondering, should I believe these rumors? As always, we recommend that you take this type of information with a grain of salt since, after all, it does not come from an official source.

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That said, Brad Sams has proven himself to be a journalist with trusted sources when it comes to Microsoft issues. In fact, he was among the first to point out that Xbox’s plan was to have 2 console models in the next generation.

Xbox Series X will debut in late 2020. You can learn more about Microsoft’s new console by clicking here.