They say that the last publication of Alex Rodríguez is dedicated to Jennifer López

Jennifer López with Alex Rodríguez.

Photo: ANGELA WEISS / AFP / Getty Images

Jennifer López and Alex Rodríguez, for now, they seem to be history. Before they were inseparable both on Instagram and outside of this social network. However, April was the month in which the couple’s following public saw this romance come to an end. The blows they received were many, especially because To Rod he was constantly singled out as unfaithful.

At first it seems that JLo did not pay much attention to what was said, but everything indicates that there was a rumor that was stronger than all of the above and this is where the name of Madison LeCroy sounds very strong. Because they said that with her A Rod cheated on his fiancée during the quarantine of 2020. How? Through text messages, mail and phone calls, as well as chance encounters, they say.

Today, the posts that both Alex and Jennifer López make on social media are considered veiled messages to each other. That is why they say that the last publication made by the former Yankees player left a little note to his ex. The picture shows Alex having dinner with his daughter at the table. But this seems to be incomplete. There are three dishes placed without serving, it is speculated that they are those that would correspond to Emme, Max and Jennifer López.

Some believe that with this detail A Rod makes it clear that the site of the “Bronx Diva” is in his house next to him. But friends close to her affirm that JLo is not willing to return with him, that she even wants to know how far the reunion she is living with Ben Affleck reaches, and it seems that she is very excited to have been reunited with this old love. Even Hollywood seems to be fascinated with the possibility that Ben Affleck and Jennifer really manage to live a “happily ever after”, as in the Disney stories.

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