They say that Tekashi 6ix9ine was ridiculed in full concert by forgetting the lyrics of a XXXTentación song

Tekashi 6ix9ine go on a concert tour for USA, the last one he offered was in the city of Miami at a festival where he paid a small tribute to XXXTentacion when interpreting “Look at me“. However, the rapper forgot the lyrics of the song and hours later the singer of hip hop Ski Mask, The Slump God he noticed and wrote a message on social networks like several users, who assured that “the singer was ridiculed.”

The public was having fun with the performance of the rapper who gave a show full of euphoria and energy, when he wanted to pay a small tribute to XXXTentacion, who according to Tekashi always sang and represented this musical genre in the area of Florida. However, the rapper did not get the result he surely wanted, as he could only say a few isolated phrases of the song’s lyrics.

Ski Mask, The Slump God, personal friend of “XXXT” did not praise the performance of his colleague. On the contrary, he assured that he did not know the line of the subject he knew exactly: “Random niggas who act, take a step back or look at me, but they only know the first three lines”, was the strong criticism of the rapper also.

The truth never put Tekashi’s name in the publication, but it was more than evident that it was directed towards the popular “Troll“. Just a few days ago he was also criticized for giving a concert in Orlando. During the interpretation of his theme “Gooba“, The singer decided to jump euphoric to the public, who tried to take off his cap and managed to snatch a necklace valued at two million dollars that was later rescued by one of his escorts.

Hours later, the singer boasted on social networks the payment he would have received for that concert as well as his jewelry. It should be noted that During the concert he shouted the phrase “I am untouchable” several times and the audience responded with the same emotion and euphoria.

As for his sentimental side, His ex-girlfriend Jade published that he was opening a house and everything seems to indicate that he ended up with the singer and has let it be known on his social networks, where he boasted photos of the house where he will live with his little girl. “I have you forever”, was the message with which the voluptuous influencer let half the world know of her new acquisition as well as her constant bikinis for which she has become even more famous.

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