They say that Adamari López’s new love is not free, he has a family

Laura Keoroglian arrived at Telemundo, she appeared specifically on Hoy Día, the morning program of the famous Hispanic network. There he read the coffee grounds to Adamari Lopez and revealed that the Puerto Rican will live a new love. According to what could be understood about the reading, Adamari will live a new romance with someone else, it seems that Toni Costa is no longer part of her future.

However, it is known that she is heading to Spain to meet her daughter and her father.

During the reading of the liquor, it was possible to see that a very strong lip stain remained on the cup. According to Laura, this indicates that the Telemundo host is currently experiencing great pain, going through a really strong moment of adversity. But it also announces that it will manage to get ahead of this evil.

About that new love of Adamari López

Laura Keoroglian highlights in her reading that the person, the man who will be close to Adamari soon is someone she does not know yet. This person is not part of your life at the moment. She emphasizes that Ada is going to be very surprised when the moment comes because this is simply not something that she actually expects.

“I believe that he is someone who does not know and who does not expect what he proposes, that is, as he provides many things at the same time, as if he does not delay, does not delay the situation, he shows you that inside him he has all the room for you and your reaction is to fall back a bit like ‘I didn’t expect this’. But, then maybe you reflect on it, then maybe you think ‘why not?’, But there is no rush, there is like a soft thing, but that person may be in a hurry“, He said.

Keoroglian added that this man will not come alone, he is not free. And it seems that he has a family. “It may surprise you that someone very quickly gives you space in their life, a person who may have a family, is not someone who is free,” he predicted as highlighted by Telemundo Entertainment.

Here the video:

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