They say goodbye to actress Maleni Morales, wife of Otto Sirgo

They say goodbye to actress Maleni Morales, wife of Otto Sirgo (Instagram)

They say goodbye to actress Maleni Morales, wife of Otto Sirgo | Instagram

In the midst of several condolences from friends and close people who were actress Maleni Morales in life, who was given the last goodbye after the news of her departure on Saturday, November 21.

The entertainment world has faced one of the most difficult years witnessing the departure of several figures, sadly now one more television star joins this painful list of victims.

Several messages were overturned in memory of the television artist who participated in productions such as “La Pícara soñadora”, “Rosa Salvaje”, “Luz Clarita”, “The rich also cry”, “Pelusita”, “Woman, cases of life real ”, among others, now survived by her husband, the actor Otto Sirgo who was comforted through various supportive comments.

It was the National Association of Actors of Mexico (WALK), who was the first to confirm the news through a message on Twitter, the union that groups the acting guild in Mexico and to which the now deceased also belonged.

@Andactores deeply regrets the death of our colleague Maleni Morales, a member of our union, which occurred today. Our condolences to our C. @ottosirgo, family and friends. DEP, were the condolences published by the organization.

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Later, she was the journalist and host of “Ventaneando”, Pati chapoy who will send his condolences to the artist’s husband and family through a message on this same platform.

I’m sorry about what happened @ottosirgo Rest in Peace.

It was Verónica Castro, who took up the ANDA twitter and was somewhat surprised by such unfortunate news, both collaborated together in the novel “Rosa Salvaje”, starring the actress from “La Casa de las Flores”.

Ave Maria RIP ???????????? ♀️, wrote the television star.

For her part, Arlette Pacheco sent hugs to the actress’s family

Receive a big hug; @ottosirgo Valerie and Tania ????????

I deeply regret so untimely loss dear @ottosirgo and daughters @valsirgo.
Hugs and light to his new angel #Maleny, he wrote from his account @SUGEYABREGO

Other wrestling personalities also expressed their feelings upon hearing the news.

Dear Valerie, Tania, and @ottosirgo what sad news! Please accept our condolences on Maleni’s departure. Wrote @ElHijodelSanto

Journalist Maxine Woodside sent the actor a big hug for the irreparable loss.

Maleni Morales, wife of @ottosirgo, passed away. A big hug for me dear Other.

Like the actress Adriana Louvier who joined the condolences list.

Dear Otto he was very sorry for what you are going through as a family. I send you a hug with great affection.

He had overcome cancer!

Maleni Morales, who was one of the faces of television for a time, said goodbye to this world after having overcome the battle he faced against him. Cancer lung he suffered.

It was her own husband Otto Sirgo who just last September celebrated that his life partner would have won this fight.

After all the studies and everything that was done to him, the treatments began and the place of damage was directly attacked. Well, he’s practically disappeared, “said the small screen actor in an interview with the morning show” Sale el sol. “

So the reasons for her departure are still very uncertain since until now the real causes that led the actress to the unfortunate outcome are unknown.

The actor of Cuban origin, Otto Sirgo was a great companion for the histrionic with whom he shared 47 years of marriage, which until today has not given any statement about the departure of the talented interpreter.

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It is also known that Maleni Morales was the mother of two daughters: Valerie and Tania who also survive her.