They run over a motorcyclist on the federal highway Tehuacán-Orizaba

Apolonia Amayo

Puebla / 02.21.2021 10:16:50

The body of a motorcyclist was left on the asphalt layer, when he was run over by the driver of a trailer that was circulating on the federal highway Tehuacan -Orizaba at the height of the Federal Electricity Commission substation.

People who became aware of this accident called the hotline emergency 911 to make it known that a person was lying on the federal highway Tehuacán-Orizaba at kilometer 00 + 700, when she was run over on Saturday night by the driver who was driving a heavy truck.

Relief corporations arrived at the scene to assist the person who was on the road, when being searched he was inert.

Elements of the Municipal Police cordoned off the area to prevent the passage of vehicles on the lane that has circulation from south to north, where the body of the man who was run over was, which was closed to circulation due to the lifting of the proceedings by personnel of the state attorney general’s office.

Meanwhile, elements of the Municipal Police of Santiago Miahuatlan Upon learning of the accident and having information about the responsible truck and the route it took, the search began, later the person responsible was located along with the driver at the height of the subordinate population Saint Ana belonging to the municipality of Nicolás Bravo.