They rule out contagion from Belinda. Did he hospitalize her for another reason?

They rule out contagion from Belinda. Did he hospitalize her for another reason? | Instagram

In recent days, Belinda announced that she would have tested positive for the v! rus, which just recently confirmed to a media outlet, however, it was revealed by other sources than the “pop star“She was” hospitalized “and there would be other causes.

Belinda commented in the interview that she would have chosen to remain reserved knowing that she had tested positive while recovering at her home in Mexico City, however, an Instagram user tells a very different version.

The user who calls herself @chamonic on Instagram, shared a statement in which she assures that Belinda was hospitalized, however, attributes the causes to something “more delicate” than having contracted the condition that has unleashed the third wave of the “health crisis“.

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“It wasn’t the v! Rus, it was something more delicate”

My close people tell me that it was not the virus, that it was somewhat more delicate because of what happened, but they do not specify that, this is what they told me, it is read in the first lines of the message.

The user comments about Belinda Peregrín Schüll’s fiancé, absent from a family reunion, to stay looking after his fiancée.

Belinda presented a health crisis … Not much is known about that and I do not want to go into details because few people know. Perhaps that is Christian’s reason for not attending his father’s party, because he is taking care of Belinda, he describes in his message

He also assures that it was the representative of the “Spanish nationalized Mexican” who established that the cause would be the virus to hide what really happens with the “princess of pop”.

Similarly, according to the source, this would not be the first time that the “former coach” of “La Voz” presented a crisis that led her to be hospitalized.

His representative says that the cause was the virus but I know that this is false, it was something much more serious. According to what they tell me, this was not yesterday or days ago that he felt bad and ended up in the hospital, the publication ends.

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It was just last Sunday when the news broke that “Beli”, who interprets his most recent collaboration: “The school girl”, confirmed to the Reforma media that he had tested positive for the virus.

Although the remembered child actress, who resumed her acting career in the Netflix series to which she was invited: “Welcome to Eden”, did not mention at any time having gone to the hospital at some point, on the contrary, she said she remained isolated and recovering at her home in Mexico City.

The “model” and “influencer”, who has more than 13 million followers on Instagram, shared with the newspaper Reforma that “she had a very bad time” during the process that leads to contagion.

Even on July 13, Belinda herself, would have shared through her Twitter account, an image of herself when she acted in one of the scenes of the telenovela “Complices to the rescue” in which her character, “Silvana “She is hospitalized.

The famous interpreter of songs like “Love at first sight”, “In love you have to forgive”, “Beautiful betrayal” among many others, greeted her followers with the message of “Good morning” hinting that she was not feeling very well “.

In the same way, the multi-award-winning singer and television actress shared that so far she has not been able to get vaccinated since, having tested positive, the vaccine cannot be applied.

I still have to get vaccinated (I haven’t) because he just gave me C0v! D, so I still can’t get vaccinated, he told the Mexican newspaper.

It was on July 24 when the aforementioned newspaper conducted an interview with the businesswoman of the “Wonu” brand, which promotes beauty products, including “collagen”.

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In the middle of the talk, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, ended up confirming the diagnosis without going into more details, although she assured “having felt very bad” also shared that fortunately she was “on her way out”.

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