They rob a truck loaded with PS5 and its buyers will be left without a console until December

Users of PlayStation 5 in Chile they are not happy. After an eventful pre-sale that included few units or failures on the website of several specialized stores, the worst happened today. A truck full of PS5 consoles was mugged, so those who made their reservation will have to wait until mid-December.

As reported by FayerWayer, a truck of Falabella, the largest retail chain in the country, was robbed today, causing all those who were looking forward to their PS5 were left with the desire. The company sent a notification to your customers mentioning what happened and warning them that they will have to wait.

Those who managed to reserve their console in Falabella will not receive it today, but until December 15.

“We know that the date you were to receive the console was today, but the truck of the PlayStation distributor that was transporting them was robbed” mentions the email. “Due to this situation, unfortunately the new delivery date will be from December 15.”

To make the moment less bitter, the chain promised that compensate your customers with a PlayStation Plus membership for one year, as well as a gift card of 50,000 pesos (55 euros) when they receive the console.

PS5 and Xbox Series X | S pre-sale has been chaotic around the world

Pre-sale for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S it has not been different in Latin America than in other countries like the United States or Spain. Specialty stores and retail chains are faced with a reduced inventory of consoles. At the moment of being announced the sites collapse and only a few are lucky to secure their purchase.

The console shortage will continue until April 2021

Until now there is no evidence that things will change. A few days ago, Xbox CFO Tim Stuart revealed that the shortage in the supply of consoles will continue until April 2021. Some local chains drop pre-sales and many have turned to Twitter or Chrome extensions to track when a product is in stock on Amazon.

With confirmation from Sony that we will not be able to go to a physical store to buy a PS5, things get even more complicated. The company made the decision to protect its users from COVID-19 and confirmed that the console can only be purchased online to keep players, distributors and employees safe.

On the other hand, if you reserved a PS5 and want to pick it up in a physical store, you will have no problem doing so. That’s as long as the chain truck is not robbed and you run out of console.

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